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easyDNS provides a standard mail service, as well as our full easyMAIL mail solution. easyMAIL is available for DNS Pro and Enterprise domains.

For domains at the DNS Hosting service level, we provide mail forwarding* and mail backup** service. For both services, please use the following server in the MX records:

DNS Pro and Enterprise clients can use the same server if they prefer not to enable easyMAIL, and can also relay their outbound mail using

easyMAIL users should use the following settings:

inbound mail (MX record) : *
outbound SMTP :
POP mail server :
IMAP mail server : (ports 143 & 993)
Webmail access :

*In most cases this is un-necessary. For the mail servers section of your DNS, please enter LOCAL, and our system will know what you mean.

**Remember that for backup mail, the preference number for the backup mail server must be HIGHER than that of the main server (eg. pref 20, pref 10)